December 7, 2019


Here at the3bb we call it the 'thankf#ckwemade' season. Yup, can we get an Amen?! I'm almost certain we aren't alone in thinking only 1 more month of 2019 to pull through. We've got this!


June 29, 2019


Guess who’s back b#tches!!? We weren’t kidding when we said that we’re back with a boom. Less than a fortnight with a new update is officially a new record for us here at the3bb and we hope to keep it goin this’sh’llllaaaaaah!

So what’s new since l...

June 24, 2019



This capsule was inspired by change.  As you are aware we've been asleep .. not purely by choice.. the3bb has undergone a few MAH-JAH changes over the last year and a bit hence the hiatus... errhemmm, apologies for that. We have bid farewell to the Frenc...

May 13, 2017


Is it too late now to say sorry?

Firstly, I guess an apology for the long hiatus is in order.... it’s been a while we know, but ladies and gentlemen we bring you (drumroll)......Capsule 3 with more l❤ve than ever! 

About Capsule 3

This capsule we’ve decided to take...

December 8, 2016


Like all our designs, Capsule 2 encapsulates what’s happened, what’s happening, or what you hear a lot when spending time with us. It’s what’s trending, not globally, but in our own little bubble.

About the cool kids

So we’ve noticed a trend in our customer. Who exactly...

October 10, 2016


We felt a 3bb kind of vibe in the air last weekend with quite a few of the cool kids spotted wearing our kit around town. Tres cool seeing all the mentions and pop-ups on our social media feeds. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t L❤ve a good selfie?

London Calling!


September 23, 2016


Thank you, thank you, thank you! 1 week of being live and what a fun week it’s been for us, all thanks to you guys. We've received congratulatory messages, calls, emails, as well as quite a few cool kid selfies and tags wearing their favorite tee. Needless to say we de...

September 17, 2016


Attention to the ever so subtle details… You’ll know a 3bb tee when you see it. What do YOU see in our logo? Mountain peaks? MMM? WWW? 333?…

Keep thinking.

September 13, 2016


There are those moments when it's a liiiiitttle bit painful to come up with something creative to write, almost impossible. We asked Janine to write a short post to kick this off, and this is the best she could do...

Typical. Sometimes (most times), dealing with her is...

September 13, 2016

(literally have to sing in order to complete typing that title by the way) 😑

The art of not knowing what we do, and learning together is what makes work fun. It goes a little like this - Light bulb moment, share, conceptualize, hate it, rethink, conceptualize again, st...

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June 29, 2019

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