All Eyes on Capsule 3 ❤

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Firstly, I guess an apology for the long hiatus is in order.... it’s been a while we know, but ladies and gentlemen we bring you (drumroll)......Capsule 3 with more l❤ve than ever!

About Capsule 3

This capsule we’ve decided to take a cut on the designs to really go with the best of the best or should we say OUR best of the best... fingers crossed they’re yours too. This allowed us to get the selected 5 as close to perfect as as possible. Fewer designs will hopefully give you the strongest of our selection with some fresh designs more frequently We’ve also played around with some new font types, and techniques... #brushstrokeseemstobethenewblack Here’s to the Crazy One’s

This one is probably the epitome of the 3bb and who we are. This is not only about us, or the greats that have touched us. This is dedicated to the people we like having in our world, the people that move us, shake us, and re-arrange us. The people that we choose to surround ourselves by. Those that motivate and inspire in their own crazy way.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones! R.I.P Mr Jobs.

My Shoes are Cooler than Yours

Have a look for yourself. ;-) Cool AF

Welcome to the time of the millennials. In an era where no 2 letters put together adds more emphasis or exaggeration than the letters AF.

Insert directly after an adjective as a way to emphasize or exaggerate its meaning.

P.S. Always read and never ever spoken out aloud. Cheat Day Hooray!

Nothing more to say... Wear the tee and satisfy those cravings totally guilt free. Proclaim your conscious state of cheating. Best to be worn on the weekend and at brunch. Oh, and it’s Cheat DAY, not cheat week or cheat month. Let’s get it right. Sugar Free

In 3bb translation this simply means - no bullish#t or bullish#t free. No sugar coated, smoke blowing up the crack nonsense. The world needs more of this.


#capsule3 #sugarfree #cheatday

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