We are very proud to present Capsule 2

Like all our designs, Capsule 2 encapsulates what’s happened, what’s happening, or what you hear a lot when spending time with us. It’s what’s trending, not globally, but in our own little bubble.

About the cool kids

So we’ve noticed a trend in our customer. Who exactly are the cool kids? Well from a bit of errrrhemmmm, stalking and by knowing a few personally, it’s quite obvious that the cool kid is someone who isn’t shy to express their personality. This through what they do and what they wear. It takes a certain kind of brave to shout out a message on a tee. Not just any slogan, but one which holds a degree of meaning to the person wearing it. Our stories through print reflect personalities, not only ours but the person wearing the tee too. Dress it up to a fancy dinner date, dress it down, casual coffee or wear it in your daily routine. All you need to do is make it your own and rock it!

And that’s a wraaaaaaap!

Shoot days = fun days! We don’t have models, make-up, hair or a prop wardrobe. FFS we don’t even have a photographer! Hahaha!.. It’s literally create a mood with whatever you have and make it work. Hope you like them thus far.

December is here and it’s 3 weekends till Christmas! Eeeeek!

Yeah baby, you heard right! If you haven’t started already, you better get cracking with that list ❤️ Truth be told I’m sure we’d all like to find a little perfectly wrapped something under the tree no matter how small :) I will be heading home for the holidays, while the French and Filipino will be here manning the fort... not exactly sure how much manning Lee is capable of tbh. We'd say.....“Keep calm and be merry”

What’s new in the 3bb world

This capsule we introduced 2 little add-ons. Based on public demand, XL will now be available in all designs from Capsule 2 on. We have also introduced an easy to carry, bag-sized notebook for those never-ending lists. 😘


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